2 thoughts on “Inquisitive Owl — ink sketch”

  1. Just finished catching up on your posts. Your drawing are really improving. Not that the first ones were bad. By the way, we finished both books now. Both very thoughtful and great lessons. Thanks again.


    1. I’m so glad the books were a blessing. And thanks for the encouragement on the art. I still do it almost exclusively to de-stress. But since a few people have wanted to buy some pieces and buy greeting cards that feature some of the paintings, I do hope I’m improving a little at a time so that they will be happy with what they purchase.

      After my 3-week writing hiatus — which I think helped a little — I felt the Lord has been nudging me to get back to some articles on my regular website. I’m dragging my feet, and, of course, I can’t keep up with all the sites equally, but this one is so relaxing, I want to keep spending time here.

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