8 thoughts on “Dance”

    1. Yes, I stopped watching almost all news and stopped reading almost all posts on FB that relate to the virus or politics. I occasionally check a news source that I trust just to insure I haven’t missed anything vital that I need to pray for specifically, but other than that. I’m basically staying “out of circulation” where media and negative friends are concerned.

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  1. I’ve gone back to working on my genealogy again. Left it alone for almost a year. Stopped listening to so much news. I hear some, but not much. Also, our virus is increasing here, and as of today, after church this morning, I am requaranteening myself. We have now had 4 test positive from our church. Not that they got it there, but one of them came just before she found out.
    I have plenty to do to keep me busy. And I resupplied our pantry this week. Even Coffee!! 🙂


    1. My sister’s doctors still have her quarantined as well. She finished all of her chemo, and her immune system is normal. But since she’s still on an immunotherapy treatment and has a couple other health issues (not super critical, but something they don’t want to get worse) they have her staying at home, except to do drive up for her meds and to see the doctor for her treatments. However, they did tell her she can now do drive up to get food as well. Since that time, she has done drive up at three different doughnut places. 🙂 🙂 🙂
      It sounds like you’re pretty well prepared for the long haul, and as long as you have Dan and plenty of coffee, you’ll make it fine.

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    2. Genealogy is one thing that can keep you occupied for hours and hours. I know when my mom was doing all her research, it was exceedingly time consuming. But she enjoyed it, and that’s what counts. Personally, I’ve been doing a lot more reading than writing lately. I think I just needed a long rest in a lot of ways — particularly emotionally — and I’ve been trying to take advantage of the lack of “going” to just kick back and do what feels good.

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  2. Totally agree with kicking back. My genealogy searches are interesting, but challenging at times. Technology makes it a whole lot easier, than years ago. Thankfully, many documents have been scanned and available. Sort of like an armchair genealogists. 🙂 Also, a bit like Sherlock Holmes at times. Have a great grandmother that no one can get past to her parents, yet, I have been trying a new trick with the DNAs of others, and I may have found them. Stay tuned!


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